Nutrition Fit for You

Helping you find a healthy fit with food and exercise.

We get bombarded with so many messages about food and exercise it’s easy to feel confused. Our goal is to help you fit food into it’s proper place so you can focus on what matters most.

Sports Nutrition

Athletes need proper nurtition to perform at their peak performance but, there is so much confusing information about what to eat and when. As a former college athlete and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Lori will assist you in achieving your athletics goals through expert advice and practical guidance.


Eating Disorder Services

For those struggling with disordered eating,  everyday tasks such as planning a meal or attending social events become occassions for fear, anxiety or obessive thinking. Working with an experience dietitian who balances understanding with appropriate challenges will be key to your recovery. 


Wellness Nutrition

It seems everyday you see a new article on the internet telling you to “eat this” or “avoid this” or face the terrible health consequences. If you are tired of trying to make sense of the research and conflicting information, and need someone who can understand your specific nutritional needs, contact Lori and set up an appointment today.